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  • GGP-147
    10K White Gold TDW 0.13ct Diamond and Blend Ametrine Pendant
  • GGP-082
    18K White Gold TDW 0.63ct Diamond Pendant
  • GGE-046
    18K White Gold TDW 0.49ct Diamond Earrings
  • DGN-013CR-DI
    18K Gold Diamond Necklaces
  • GGE-220EF-DI
    18K Gold Diamond Earrings
  • GGR-153
    18K White Gold TDW 0.766ct Diamond Ring
  • GGR-177
    14K White Gold TDW 1.05ct Diamond Ring
  • GGE-037
    18K White Gold TDW 0.81ct Diamond Earrings
  • SSR-130
    925 Sterling Silver Peridot, Smokey Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and White Topaz Ring
  • SSE-012-A
    925 Sterling Silver and Flat Drusy Agate Earrings
  • GGP-075
    18K White Gold TDW 3.31ct Diamond Pendant
  • GGR-151
    18K White Gold TDW 1.00ct Diamond Ring